July 31, 2009

Never give up...

So the day starts out as usual...

I get Adam and Austin up for the new day at 6:45 am. We have to be at the stadium for the semi-final game by 8:20am. The game starts at 9:30am. The girls are still at camp, so I only have the boys to motivate +1...last night “G”, Austin’s friend, spent the night. However, things are OK. I am cranky, as usual, but today I seem to be in control since I figure there is nothing Adam can throw at me that he already hasn’t. Right...

I figure I will make French toast and load them with carbs and try give them some extra fuel...

Adam: “Ah...Dad...I don’t have my medicine.”

Me: “Where is it?” Looking at me for signs of emotion.

Adam: “At Ttukseom.”

FYI Ttukseom is the practice field...it is locked this morning and we have no way to get there before the game anyway...I think to myself...“No big deal...he can skip them...I will not get angry.”

Me: “Where are your baseball cleets?”

Adam: “At Ttukseom.” His face starting to look worried.

I think to myself...“He can wear his regular shoes and he probably won’t play either...I will not get angry.”

Me: “Where is your baseball glove?”

Adam: “At Ttukseom.” His face is now showing panic mixed with terror.

He thinks I am going to flip...worse yet...he fears what the Coach will do. I can not disclose the torture he exacts on the Korean players for minor infractions. Forgetting your glove on game day is unknown territory...who knows what kind of torture he may dream up. I think Adam is ready to pee his pants.

I think to myself...“Adam can borrow Austin’s second glove...there is no way to get that stuff in time for the game...but this is not cool”...I am getting angry...but I catch myself. Hmmm...so I just tell ‘G’ to text the coach to bring Adam’s bag...problem solved...and I have kept my composure.

But I can’t help myself...so I tell ‘G’ not to mention to Adam that the Coach replied that he will bring Adam’s bag. I want Adam to sweat a little... ;-) Which he does...until he gets to the stadium and one of the players tosses Adam his bag...to Adam’s visible relief.

So the game starts out with a bang!...Dongbu tortures their opponent to the tune of 7 to 0 very early on...

...Austin hits two doubles, a fielders choice and strikes out once. He is productive on defense as well.

However, Dongbu starts getting arrogant and in the 5th inning their opponent scores 5 runs. Our coach goes ballistic! Too many dumb errors...

NEVER GIVE UP...especially...don’t give up on yourself...

But I have to confess...it was nice to watch the Coach torture my boys rather than me...someone besides me to be the bad guy...I can save my mental energy...payback for what ever I forgot to catch them on ;-)...Secretly, I think the other parents may have felt the same way ;-).

In the end, Dongbu regained their composure and won the game 11 to 7. A lesson was learned about not giving up and I didn’t let myself lose it when Adam forgot his baseball equipment. A good day! We advanced to the final game! ESPN on Monday!

You heard of soccer moms? Well, above, watching every move on the field, are baseball ajuma (moms). I have grown to love them, but don’t make them mad... ;-)

Yes...it was a fun game to watch!

I never get tired of watching Austin...he makes my heart pound every time he is out there! Today was a great day for him.

Next post...Championship Game!!!


Blogger Unknown said...

dude! congratulations to the boys! is austin much taller than you are now? looks like he is :) am so proud of what they've accomplished. especially at that age. all the credits to the dougster! we should hit that indian buffet after the game to reload

August 04, 2009  

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