July 18, 2009

Eating the crabs from mud beach!

Did I mention that we caught lots of crabs at the beach? Little bite sized crabs. Yum yum... And yes, kids, you are going to eat them!

Even the ones who are trying to escape. No one is getting out alive!

Some of us were ready to munch... A bit too ready, by the look on Alex’s face.
She actually made me a little nervous with her glee over crunching the little critters. Geez...

Oh, it was Amanda’s sixteenth birthday. No cake until you finish your crabs! This is a cultural experience! Damn it! Now eat them! ;-) Yes, she at it.

Austin posed for this, but would no chew. Adam... forget about it. I can barely get him to eat regular food. Adam started yelling when he heard Alex crunching the first one.

Of course she made a spectacle of the event.

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