July 30, 2009

Stars are born

Amanda and Alexandria have been taking a ceramics class for the past month. They are learning first hand about technique and craftsmanship.

What is great is that it is taught by a studio of entrepreneurs who also sell their work at the store in the front of the studio. They are quite talented artists and do quite well in their business.

So the other day Amanda and Alex came home screaming that they were interviewed by KBS during their ceramics class. It was going to be broadcast on national television! Well, have a look...

The spot was for a news story about the up and coming neighborhood of Samcheong Dong. That is where we live right now... The girls were so excited to be on national television! Not just as tourists..

No, I have no idea what was said...but I am sure it was great. However, I think the funniest part is when I wack Adam to be quiet as I video taped the TV...you have to listen carefully... ;-)

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Anonymous jpeachj said...

I'm interesting in ceramics class. I want to know detail!?...

November 06, 2011  

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