July 14, 2009

Mud beaches are the best!

We had this great idea to go to the beach. So, our neighbors, the Lees, decided to take us up on the idea and drive us to Gangwha Island near Incheon Airport. All right! Sun! Bikini clad women! Relaxation! Water... Well, not quite...

This is the before shot... OMG!

“Oh, Austin, let me put a little sunblock on your back...” “But Mr. Lee, I forgot the sunblock...” “Austin, we are in Korea! This is how we roll at the beach!”

“And sun bathing...I’ll show you how to bathe!” “In just a minute, I will show you how to exfoliate, as well.”

“And for a side dish tonight, we are going to have crabs...so start diggin!” “Put your backs into it!” “We don’t have all day!”

Ohkyu has the right idea...but this is going to take a while and we still have a load of fun to take care of...

Body surfing...Korean style...that’ll clean your teeth out, Austin...not to mention other parts of your anatomy...

With all that mud in his trunks, Adam had a hard time keeping his shorts on... ;-) A few times they fell off, but I will spare you the photos...

“Alex, you look freaking ridiculous!” LOL...

“Oh, Yea!” “Take this, buddy!”

“This means war!”

And so it went...we ran around like dogs all day and before we knew it we had spent over 6 hours slopping around in the mud. The best time I have ever had at the beach!

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