July 14, 2009

Our Favorite Restaurant

Well...what to eat? For about 20,000 Won, you can feed 4 or five people to some tasty food in Korea. This little gem of a restaurant usually has a waiting line. That's cuz it is scrumdilicious...yummmm...

You get a choice of spicy pork, octopus, or eel. Plus seaweed soup, kimchee and duk (rice paste) And yes, for Adam I get the non-spicy pork version...argh...which defeats the purpose...but I am workin’ on him.

Once you decide what you want...they bring out the hot coals which are stoked in a blast furnace outside...for safety, space and heat reasons. Then like most Korean food, it is iterative/interactive process. In other words, you get/have to cook and prepare it yourself. This means great food fast, since you don't have to wait for someone to cook it.

Above is the main “dude” who always wears big funky glasses and makes an cool knocking noise with his tongue to communicate with his diligent ajuma worker bees. He is awesome! Here, Mr. Cool Glasses has just fired up the coals and is cutting up some tasty eel.

I suppose this might be a great concept for American restaurants if they don’t blow up the restaurant, but I can’t see some disinterested waiter at TGIF's pulling this off without a disaster. The Korean’s are precise. I bet they smelt iron in those outdoor blast furnaces in their spare time. ;-) Must be where they honed their steel making skills.

Once the cookin’ is done you just put the meat in a leaf with a piece of garlic, some extra hot sauce and shove it into your mouth in one bite!

I still have to figure out how to get better quality videos into Blogger. :-) Hope this gives you the idea...


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