July 25, 2009

Rock Star Designer: Emil Goh

My friend, Emil Goh, is working on all sorts of design projects in and around Seoul. The other day he gave me a cool present...

I got the first of only 500 T-Money phone accessories...his latest creation!

While many Koreans have a chip in their phone, a T-Money Card or credit card with embedded T-Money, Emil came up with this retro-phone accessory. It’s reminiscent of the yellow paper one-way transit tickets. Which are now phased out.

This just adds a bit of personalization to your cell phone. It’s a bit more functional than a Hello Kitty Fruit Phone accessory strapped to your phone...argh!

You can charge the card in any subway station just like any other T-Money card.

Once charged, you are good to go! Do I still look like an expat now that I have a cool thingy hanging from my phone that gets me through the turn style? Probably...

So avoid the lines at the new vending machines...especially when you are in a hurry and get one of these little gadgets.

Oh, less chance that you will put the card through the wash like my kids have! Now Austin and Adam have bent T-Money cards that barely work. :-(

If you want one you, can find them at Second Hotel. I think they are pretty cool.

Maybe if I flash this around I might not look like such a tourist?

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Anonymous Chungwoo said...

Today Emil passed away... Please pardon me using this photo to remember him...

September 07, 2009  
Blogger JustB said...

On behalf of Madam Sylvia Lee Goh ( Emil Goh's mother), there will be an anniversary memorial service for Emil Goh in Singapore, details as follows:

Address: Church of St Mary of The Angels, 5 Bukit Batok East Avenue 2, Singapore 659918
Date: September 4, 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm

Should you have any enquiries and to confirm your attendance, please contact johnwong@stmary.sg

March 14, 2010  

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