June 29, 2009

A truly creative education

It's is not true that all Korean kids go to "factory-like" schools that stifle creativity. My neighbor took me to visit his kids school. His kids attend Presbyterian affiliated school just out side of Seoul. Kids stay at the school from Monday to Friday and spend the weekend at home with their family. The school is all about hands on. Hands on with agriculture, art, dance, judo, and more.

The school is nestled in a picturesque setting the mountains about an hour outside of Seoul.

Again, it is about hands on...

And they have not forgotten what the sand box can teach a child about life...

Meals are served in the school's sanctuary (chapel). It is a time for a prayer to give thanks and a hearty dinner to feed your soul.

The kids grow much of what they eat. They toil in the fields daily and know what it takes to put food on the table.

Even the English teachers are carefully cultivated to be compatible with this type of environment. Sarah, who teaches here, was recruited from Goshen College a Menonite affiliated institution in Goshen, Indiana. She is a long way from home!

Parents are responsible to cook for their kids 2 times a month. This keeps the parents active in school activities while ensuring the kids have a robust diet to fuel healthy minds. This ajuma (married woman) was a slave driver! I thought I would try to help out and we all ended up washing the same dishes twice! Well...she has standards ;-)

While the food was a bit spicy for Adam...after a full day of bouncing around with the students, he was ready to eat the arm off a rag doll.

After dinner there was more time for play. Not sure I could do this on a full stomach, but that is Austin for you.

At least my kids have a glimpse of what learning can be like. They begged me to send them to a school like this. I wish I could. Maybe the next generation of Wills can find something like this.


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