June 27, 2009

Climbing Bukansan: #1

Bukan San (san means mountain) is about a 30 minute train ride from Samcheong-dong where we live. It is a huge park with lots of trails, streams, temples, shops and restaurants. It has something for everyone.

Some of the trails require a little extra effort and skill. This is an easy one. There are many trails where you only have a steal cable to grab onto. Today I took it easy on the kids. I figured at least 3 of them would survive. ;-)

Yes we made it. And we all learned how much mister macho...Austin...is a afraid of heights. I am sure he gets this from his grandfather. For a while he wouldn't even look forward into the scenary. I had to force him to "face his fear." Yes I am a mean and sadistic father. The meanest...at least that is what I hope they believe...I have to keep them afraid of me. ;-)

So, the most amazing things are not the mountains themself, but what you find along the way. What you find about yourself, your kids and how that interaction helps define each individual and the family as a unit. Seeing Alex's fascination with frogs, Austin's fear of heights and how to help him cope, Amanda’s love of drawing and Adam’s skill and stamina for climbing.

We were told that this dog was part wolf...I think Lassie was sneaking off for a secret rendezvous when the camera was not rolling.

This is one of those days where Adam felt bigger than his older brother. And from the picture it shows even though Adam is a full 9 inches shorter. He really loves climbing and the heights do not bother him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where's the pygmy porcupine?! I kept reading the posts, thinking I was going to be rewarded with an image of some whacked-out kinda animal... ;) Teasing - very cool. Looks like you're having a great summer...

July 05, 2009  

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