November 5, 2013

Korrugami: The Art of Box Making

Korea has a great baseball tradition and with it, goes a tradition of making great baseball gloves. Really, Koreans make some of the best baseball gloves in the world. So, for my son, Adam’s birthday, I decided to send him a top notch infielder’s glove.

I knew this awesome glove maker who sold me a beautifully crafted black and red 3rd baseman’s glove. However, boxes are not his thing...just gloves.

So, how was I going to package this up and send it to the US?

Not a problem...I also knew that there was a crew of master box makers at the Post Office. Now, I know what you are thinking when it comes to the Post Office...long lines and lots of cranky post office clerks…not in Korea. They are all congenial with a very “can do” attitude. And there is no boxing problem that the post office can’t solve...In less than 5 minutes!

Bubble wrap! big to make it?

Measure twice...Cut once.

Score the box for

Cut the corners...

Place the glove...


Voilà, a rock solid, custom made box for my precious cargo in less than 5 minutes. I was impressed and told him so. He seemed to like his work and was very happy to be appreciated for his craft abilities. I think he charged me the equivalent of $5.00.

And it is still Adam’s favorite glove!

In case you’re interested someone posted a Korean Post Office box maker on


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