May 14, 2012

Preserving Chicago, One Photo at a Time

Lyra Jakabhazy for Preservation Chicago
Fire has been a catalyst for Chicago; spawning invention, innovation and industry. Cowles Fire Escape Works was established in 1875, four years after The Great Chicago Fire. More than a century later, these majestic steel skeletons still line our alleyways and inspire our imagination. An iconic image in any major city, these mazes of zigzagged steel always draw my eyes upward. This fire escape behind my building brings to mind the great Midwest steel mills, the fire that brought architectural visionaries to Chicago to dream - and makes me ask what, that we build today, will endure and still be admired a century on? Built to last, I hope to see these pieces of iconic hardware preserved alongside the buildings they continue to serve.  —Lyra Jakabhazy

Lyra is a finalist in the 1st Annual Preservation Chicago “People’s Choice” photography competition. Have a look! And then vote (click like!) for the photo that you think best represents the City of Chicago and also draws attention to their mission of preserving Chicago’s great architectural heritage.

Once you get to the Facebook page click “back to album” to view the other contestants.


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