April 29, 2012

IIT’s Annual Architecture Student Work Open House Friday, May 4, 2012

Amanda Wills: Night tree tracing on acetate... 

Amanda is still on the move! She has just completed her 1st of 5 years of architectural studies at Illinois Institute of Technology. She has put in a tremendous amount of effort into her studies this year... As a result she has been nominated for the Peterhans Visual Training Project Prize along with two other undergraduate spring awards.

Please join us and the IIT Architectural Students, Faculty for the opening of the IIT Annual Student Work Exhibition on Friday, May 4.

I am sure Amanda would love your support.

The Award Ceremony starts promptly at 5:00 with an Open House from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Mies van Der Rohe’s masterpiece, Crown Hall, located at 3410 South State Street in the IIT Campus in Chicago.

Oh, by the way...
Free parking at 33rd and S. State if you are driving...Or take the El to the 35th Bronzville-IIT stop on the Green Line.

Amanda Wills: Drawing explorations of house study, line study, geometrical shape study and liquid container study... 

She is truly passionate about her work...and the people she will eventually serve.

Amanda Wills in collaboration with Sudeshna Sen: Color gamut exploration of Claude Monet’s Boats on the Beach at Étretat

Who knows where this journey will take her, but come on over and cheer her on...

S.R. Crown Hall: 3410 South State Street at the IIT Campus in Chicago...

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Anonymous Lyra Jakabhazy said...

Will be there with bells on (possibly, literally)! Proud of you, Amanda!

May 02, 2012  

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