June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Sunday...I woke up and French toast is waiting for me...nice...I wonder why everyone is being so nice...

I leisurely enjoyed the French toast and the we started talking about what to do during the day... then kids meandered off subject and suggested that we watch a video...

In previous posts, I have complained how we have lost something in the flurry of email that we blast to one another as we try to “communicate,” but the next generation has obviously found a way to make our communication even richer! Nothing has been lost. Quite the contrary...

But I digress...who cares how well my kids can design tear jerking videos...

CRAP!!! I have a big problem!

It’s Father’s Day!!! I forgot all about it!!!

I was planning on sending my dad something earlier in the week...OMG!

What to do? What to do!!!

I have just a few minutes before I have to drag everyone up the mountain on my Father’s Day hike...

Well, his latest obsession has been his chickens...yes!!!

I mean obsessed...in a good way though. He built a large, portable chicken coop...complete with thermo-pane glass and retractable walkway! Now he is raising six chicks so he and my mom can have fresh eggs...

So, guess what I got him?

Yep...a rooster! A Black Jersey Giant! To help keep the girls happy...

I know it’s nutty, but it works...really it does...I know my dad well.

The funny thing is, I couldn’t think of anything for the last few weeks. I seriously did not know what to get him, but nothing like a little pressure to get the creative juices flowing!

Don’t worry...he will grow fast!

Happy Father’s Day!


Blogger Jeffrey Joseph Atto said...

What an amazing video!!!!!!!!

July 26, 2011  

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