July 14, 2010

The Greatest Italian Architects in Korea!

MotoElastico: Marco Bruno, Jihyun, Minji, and Simone Carena. Photo via MotoElasticoThis summer is an inspirational one...Inspiration on a Ducati!

Amanda has been interning at THE GREATEST Italian architectural firm in Korea...MotoElastico. Run by Simone Carena and Marco Bruno of Torino, Italy, MotoElastico is bubbling with espresso and creativity. One of their landmark achievements is a fusion style hanok (Korean house) built in what is left of the old part of Seoul (Samcheong dong, Bukchon dong, Anguk dong). Check out the New York Times article on the house...

Simone with his wife Jihye, and son Felice

However, I think the article missed an opportunity. A house does not make a home...but Felice can! The house is simply fantastic...but Simone and family give it life. And Felice is the spice of life!

...But I digress, Amanda is now getting an early taste of creativity at one of the coolest places on earth...MotoElastico!

Photo via MotoElastico

VAROOOOM!!! An Italian Architect has to have a Ducati...no question about it.

“Forget about it Adam! ...and wipe your drool off the tank!”

“Keep beaming Amanda, ’cuz this is the closest you are going to get to guys on motorcycles!”

Amanda walking up the narrow stairway complete with a MotoElastico trap door...

BTW...architects are on the top of the design food chain. They don’t just design tall buildings...

Photo via MotoElastico

...They create all sorts of awesome projects for themselves...How do you like this master piece? I mean the chair...and quite comfortable considering that I am sitting on several 4 inch diameter holes.


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