June 5, 2010

High Tech Campfire

Have you ever gone camping and found yourself just sitting around the campfire with your friends and/or family, staring at the flames and embers for hours? If you think about it, your not doing much... Just roasting marshmallows and sipping a drink... The fire is truly mesmerizing... Yet you are still free to think, talk, sing, dance...whatever.

Today, our campfires are replaced by ginormous basement entertainment rooms with a 60" HDTV LCD instead of a fire. Less talking...so as not to disturb someone’s willful suspension of disbelief. Less thinking...movie stars will do that for you. No dancing or singing...rock stars can do that for you too.

Don’t get me wrong, that LCD screen can be a window to the world. It can take you to places you would otherwise not dream of visiting. Maybe...

Or is there is a compromise? I love the campfire, but appreciate what that LCD window can show me...


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