June 4, 2010

Korean Analog GPS

Korea is one of the most wired, high tech countries in the world. It is a hyper-competitive society where everyone clamors to own the latest and greatest high-tech gadgetry. The above, exclusive photo, is the latest Analog GPS Navigation System to hit the Korean market. I could not make out the brand...

...But check out the resolution of the display! I bet it is double the standard 2560 x 1400 ppi used by special ops military...complete with multi-colored mounting fixtures. This is by far the largest and highest resolution screen I have seen [mounted on a delivery scooter]. Shorter drivers may have a visibility issue, but I am sure those bugs will be worked out in the next model. A pocket version is rumored to be launching in the 4th quarter of ’10.

Clearly, this is a game changer that will give the iPhone and Google platforms a run for their money...


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