November 29, 2009

Mobile Commerce

I was wandering around Jongro 3 Street. This area has a plethora of connecting shops, markets, service centers, printers, restaurants, you name it. Everyday, around 5:00PM seems to be shipping time. Well, instead of freaking out and running to the FedEx office with a last minute order shipment, the shipper comes to you! Above is a three wheeled mobile shipping office complete with Air Con...yes, there is a guy sitting in there waiting to process your shipment.

Not only does the office come to you, but so does the truck. Here, you can see the transaction taking place while the truck is being loaded in the background. This is just one small part of the ecosystem that supports the merchants and tradesmen in Seoul.

Maybe you need socks? Well they will come to you also...the sign says 500 Won...the equivalent of 40¢ US for a pair. This guy parks next to a new Starbucks...high foot traffic. ;-)

Oh, you might want a suit to go with your have heard of the Ice Cream Truck? ...same thing, but different flavors...

“Hey where did you get your suit?”

I will add more to this post...there are lots of interesting “mobile commerce” in Seoul.


Blogger annamatic said...

oh wow, i think this might be the same scooter:

February 04, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

this is the same one also!!!

February 04, 2010  

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