November 18, 2009

Stepping back...

9:30 pm, November 18, Looking at Seoul from Bukak San (Mountain)

Sometimes you need to step back and dream about what the possibilities are. I know you have heard it before. I am not going to cite all the research on taking time to wonder and dream. And, to be exact, I had to climb up instead of stepping back. ;-)

It happened to be a crisp night so I decided to climb up Bukak San to fill my lungs with some cool fresh air. It is hard to describe the feeling of standing alone on top of a mountain and gazing over a beautiful city like Seoul. It is like describing sweet when tasting need to experience it. It always fills me with wonder. Wonder at the things people are capable of. I never get tired of looking at Seoul’s skyline. It keeps me looking forward...knowing how creative and industrious we all can be.

Don’t forget what you are a part of...enjoy the hints at the beauty of the night...and make sure you find a space where you can step back and dream...


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