November 12, 2009

Curators of Culture: Platoon Kunsthalle

I came to Seoul just after the iPhone launched in 2007. Many competitors were caught off guard and have since taken great strides to copy Apple’s device. However, by now most designers know that Apple’s triumph of art and engineering is not the whole story.

No matter what new gadget is launched in response...the underlying source of brand strength lies within the culture and the community that supports it. Cultures need curators...

I recently attended a “Flea Market” (first Saturday of the month) sponsored by Platoon Kunsthalle. Suffice to say, Platoon understands their supporting culture. I would risk saying that they are curators of that culture...

For the time being, Platoon resonates with a self-selected group of people who define themselves by being part of a creatively energetic subculture within Asia.

This phenomenon did not happen overnight and will take time and energy to nurture...

That evening Platoon hosted a mash-up of back-yard barbecue, art gallery, dance bar and garage sale.

They did not wait to copy the idea...their culture spawned it, supported it and reveled in it.

Curating culture is nothing new...just enable people to experiment, play and grow...then nurture what works...

There are too many choices in life for any one person to sift through...curators are needed to help define and deliver engaging experiences that fit a culture’s tastes (needs).

We don’t need a copy of what already exists...


Blogger mike.seoul said...

Hi Doug,
I just read through and thoroughly agree with you.
Would have loved to see this - hopefully next time.

November 12, 2009  

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