November 18, 2009

Emotional Design II: Milk, Masks and Swine Flu

OK...milk is a bit expensive in Korea. To say the least... It works out to be about $6.50 a gallon as opposed to $3.50 in the US.

But it is soooo tasty! It seems to have higher milk fat content or something that gives it a creamer and slightly sweeter taste. Not what I remember back on the farm. I am afraid to know the reason why. It is so tasty that many Koreans, plus myself, are more than willing to pony up the extra cash.

I’ll bet that great marketing campaigns are a major reason for the success of milk in Korea...

But a mask? Lately, you may know that Swine Flu (H1N1) has been out of hand here in Korea. So, in the spirit of good hygiene, Maeil Dairy packaged their 2 liters of milk with a face mask. No one can say they aren’t innovative...however...Maeil should have taken a cue from a recent post of mine on emotional design. ;-)

While playing on Koreans’ fear of Swine Flu, they did not consider their vanity...those masks are plain hideous. They look like something you would wear to dry wall your house. ;-)

Photo via Trend Doll
A cute mask for a child would have been a hit...Maybe I missed something, but I bet mothers are doing the shopping...not construction workers. Offer them something they’d “love” to have...


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