August 6, 2009

It comes from within...

Today I have to get a few things I can not post much...but I thought I would pass on another person’s story...I know you have heard it before...happiness comes from within. Blah, blah, blah...

Throughout my parenting, I have come to figure out the hard way that I can not make the kids happy. I can only give them understanding, sanctuary and room to grow. Yes, I can cause pain, excitement, elation, fear, and other momentary feelings. But in reality, they will have to make their own happiness. Regardless of how nice or mean I am, in the long run, their happiness will depend on their own inner strength.

Amanda, Alex, Austin and Adam’s time in Korea will not make them happy. My hope is that it will help them learn how to create situations where they can be happy in the future.

So... the following story is a quick read and may help you understand yourself and others, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

From Laura Munson

Those aren’t fighting words, Dear

My favorite couple... 성욱 (Song Ook) and 소희 (Su Hee) ...I can tell they understand where happiness comes from...but their story will have to remain their own... :-)


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