June 26, 2009


What to do on a warm summer day? Amanda and Alex were planning on going to Dongdaemun to purchase an African pygmy porcupine. Well...along the way, they got side tracked and took a stroll along the Cheongycheon (the man-made stream running 6 Km through the northern half of Seoul).

Everyone loves to lounge on the Cheongyecheon. It's quite nice. Above is the before shot...hmmm...water...hot kids... Hey! I have an idea!

No more hot kids! Geez...wish I was still a kid...

And... the day was not without mis-hap... Amanda slipped and fell into the stream while crossing...she got a big bruise on her knee from the rocks :-( We will post that later... Along with the African Pygmy porcupine...


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