July 6, 2009

Music & Mosquitoes

So, we are living in a hanok village in Samcheong-dong in the northern part of Seoul. I may have mentioned in earlier posts that we are befriended by a very warm ex-hippy Korean couple who live in a traditional style hanok across the alley. Mr. Lee likes to play guitar...so do I. He is much better, but the mosquitos seem to like me better...for some odd reason. Yes, that is a can of RAID next to my computer.

I thought I would enlist Adam’s help so I could strum a few chords before I get eaten alive. For those of you who don’t know, that “tennis racket” is a high voltage bug (mosquito) zapper. It is a must have in Seoul during the summer time. Otherwise you are going to lose weight...a lot of weight. ;-)


Anonymous John Norton said...


Very cool. What a great experience for you and your kids. Love the pix. Your dad shared with me the link. I met your kids a couple of summers ago... very bright & polite. Keep posting!

July 10, 2009  
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