March 23, 2010

Tango...Korean Style

You know, what ever Koreans set out to do, they do it with an intensity that inspires me. Whether it is baseball, figure skating, hiking...or business.

So, I have been trying to learn how to tango. Trying is the operative is a very The first challenging part is the steps...getting the steps memorized is not easy. My friends have been dancing for a few years. They seem to have the basics in tact.

Then you have to keep time with the music. OK...simple enough...then you have to improvise your memorized steps so that you do not run into anyone. Ouch! This is because there is a flow of movement on the floor...ah...I think it is counter clockwise...I think...

While trying to keep this straight, I also have to wrestle my partner who seems to know the steps better than I and is trying to lead. Sounds like marriage?

Of course, even though they are trying to are expected to be man enough to lead anyway.

Crap...I am still trying to remember my steps let alone remember how to be a man... ;-)

It seems that those passionate couples on the dance floor are not necessarily together off the dance floor...

Well, suffice to say...when it is done right...tango is simply beautiful. Two people in harmony with each other, with the music and with other dancers around them. Simply beautiful. What a metaphor...Korean style.


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