June 18, 2009

Start of Baseball

This will be year two for Adam and Austin to play baseball in Korea. Last year was spectacular. Thought it was not easy going, the boys grew tremendously. Austin ended up winning a starting position and was able to rotate to third base and first base. As a reward for his improvement over the season, the coach put him in as a pitcher in a crucial tournament.

For Adam last year was a growing year. It was his first real experience playing with kids much better than himself. He had a hard time. There were lots of tears and emotions. This drove everyone nuts, but in the end everyone grew to love Adam.

The above image is a note one of the boys had to write to the coach for throwing a rock and hitting Adam in the mouth. Ouch! Adam ended up swallowing it! And yes, I had to watch for it later :-0
Regardless, of all his spitting and sputtering, everyone knew that his heart was in the right place. His desire will pay off one day.

In the end, the team really played a big role in our lives during the summer of 2008. So, we are back for one more summer.


Anonymous mac said...

Do you know the contents of above adam's friend diary?

October 28, 2009  

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