June 17, 2009

Back in Seoul

I am back Seoul, Korea. I spent over a year and a half working here as an innovation design consultant. I never expected to stay more than 4 months, but somehow the life here grew on me and I found myself becoming more and more immersed in the culture.
I guess this happened because I reached out… I reached out and found open arms reaching back.
So… to add more life experiences and the potential for disaster… last summer (’08), I brought my 4 kids to Seoul! They spent the entire summer together in Korea.
They all took a Korean language class and now they can speak better than me!
My girls, Amanda and Alexandria attended a local art school. My boys, Austin and Adam where on the best little league baseball teams in Korea!
It was no easy feet to get them in art school or on the little league team. I think this is because the expat community sticks to themselves and vanishes during the summer. I had no support. So, I had to beg and beg…and when the Koreans felt my sincerity…well…they opened up.
It has not been easy…Korean’s expect and respect performance in all aspects of life. All of my kids were pushed…times were not always rosy…but they persevered.

So, for the next few months, my blog will be devoted to how my kids and I navigate through the ups and downs of the 2009 summer. I hope that in some small way our story can serve to inspire others to follow their passions no matter what the obstacles. Please make sure you give me feed back…I can’t improve the Blog unless I know what you think.


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